Intros to the Four Gods

As part of the new vibes for 2017, the previous introductory pages for the Four Gods have been redone. The pages for the First Four Gods (Clarene, Ophelia, Laetha, Dierne) are live; the pages for the Latter Four Gods will be up this time next week.

One reason I wanted to rewrite these pages was because the previous iterations were unwieldy. They may have been long, but they were sparse on useful information. The updated articles are hopefully much better at getting you acquainted with the gods and ready to worship them if desired.

I don’t want to completely scrap the previous articles I wrote. Instead I want to create more in-depth essays about the gods, truly comprehensive articles that can help those wishing to explore a god further. My goal at the moment, however, is to get people comfortable enough to start devotion with the Four+ Gods.

If you want to see these pages a week early, or want to see in-process work, you can become my patron at Patreon. Every dollar helps!

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