[Monday] Songs of the Week

This Monday brings a change to our weekly songs. I’ll now be included some small commentary with them. If you’re uninterested in that, you can skip right along to the music. We’re back to Spotify now.

Kesha released her new album recently. I’ve chosen two songs from the album to highlight; I recommend it to people who have enjoyed Kesha’s other music, especially the unplugged versions.

‘The Dismemberment Song’ reminds me of the Laetha and the Aletheia Androids, specifically Aletheia 003 from the Red Room (original and remix). It’s quite catchy and upbeat for the content! ‘Praying’ similarly makes me think of Hell Month and the first Season of stories in the Otherfaith. ‘Poor Unfortunate Souls/I Put a Spell on You’ makes me think of generic witchy and spooky spirits in the faith, such as Cordelia and the Eighth God. ‘Finding You’ is more a general spirit-feels song. Finally, ‘My Way’ is included because all music by Frank Sinatra reminds me of certain spirits, including the giant Erann.

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