Songs of the Week

Every day brings my partner and I closer to leaving Tucson. It’s thrilling and nerve wracking. A huge adventure awaits!

This week I’m bringing you another cover of an anime OP that has been featured here before (‘Re:Re’ by Asian Kung Fu Generation, from the anime Erased). Unlike the other two ‘Re:Re’ covers, this one has different lyrics that contribute a very different feeling to the song. Both the previous covers and this one, by Caleb Hyles, make me think of my relationship with the spirits.

‘You Don’t Own Me’ popped into my mind earlier last week for no good reason, but I adore the song. It gives me strong Dieric vibes. I’ve included the original and an interesting cover.

Similarly, ‘Lush Life’ has Dieric vibes but is included mainly because it enabled me to write some more Otherfaith stories. It was simply one of those songs that came into my life at the right time. I listened to it on repeat while I wrote a short story and am still returning to it for inspiration.

Finally, ‘The Fire’ is meant to be creepypasta/urban legend-esque and so fits into with the spooky aesthetic of October well. I know that there are some scary stories to be told by Other People this month!

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