New Year Expectations

Happy November!

We are getting into moving properly now. Despite this, I have so much to bring you in terms of content and updates., the site that hosts our current wiki, will be shutting down on December 1. Because of this we will be going back to Wikia for our wiki-hosting needs for the foreseeable future. The good news is that Wikia is a bit more newbie friendly! I had been hoping to put a MediaWiki-like plugin here but I haven’t had luck with that. Wikia lets users create apps from their wikis, however, so that will become useful in the future.

I have already moved our sizable FAQs from Wikia over here. Not all the FAQs on Wikia were transferred, as some of them are answered elsewhere on the site or are no longer relevant. You can find all our current FAQs under our main page. We have a new FAQs page under Practice FAQs.

Life is going to become incredibly busy for me during the move. On top of the move is the post-move: settling in, settling down, setting up. I hope to bring updates on this new chapter of my life and how it impacts my practice, but actually living it comes before writing about it. All the same, I look forward to sharing my religious practice and developing the Otherfaith.

Mid-November into December will be the busiest time when it comes to moving. January and February will focus on my first impressions of my new living area, as well as sharing setting up shrine spaces and settling into a new religious grove with the spirits. I am hoping to spend these winter months honing info in the Otherfaith and writing up some much needed ritual practices that people have asked for.

March is the time I am looking forward to most. That will be the time we will have our household really swinging together, and I’ll have my dear sewing machine returned to me. Here in Arizona I’ve already begun working on sewing cloaks. Cloaks and capes in godly colors are items I associate strongly with the Other People’s spirits and a physical representation of, well, so many things! They can show godly favor or preference for a deity, or they may simply show that one honors a deity specifically. I am working on red ones currently (of course) and hope to make some nice, if simple, embroidered cloaks to give (and eventually sell) to Other People. I have also made my first fleece blanket and absolutely loved creating it. The one I worked on was for my spouse and themed after his favorite Pokemon. I would like to make more religious-oriented blankets and throws, though, and will naturally focus on the Four+ Gods.

I think it fitting that as winter settles into this town, and as I am about to embark to a place where winter is truly cold, there will be much of my life stripped away. It will leave time for contemplation and consideration and rebuilding my religious practice. And I must admit to a certain joy to escaping this desert land. I love Tucson for what she is, but she and I do not get along. This fall has been especially rough on my body, with the late season pollen absolutely devastating my sinuses. I may be allergic to the plants in my new home, but it will also be greener, and wetter, and cold, and an adventure. I’ve been melancholy about leaving Tucson, this city that has cultivated me, but by gods I am ready.

Ready for a new home and the many new years ahead.

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