Table of Contents
→ Overview
→ The God
→ Function & Applicability
→ Order, Court, & House
→ Prayers & Offerings


  • Name: the Clarene, Claire Clarice Clarene
  • Main Epithet: King
  • Domain: Sovereignty
  • Placement: First
  • Color: Black
  • Symbol: Compass Rose
  • Element: Earth
  • Sacred Weapon: Staff of Foundation
  • House: Hale
  • Court: Black
  • Order: Vivant

The God

the Clarene is the first god of the Other People. Her entire name is Claire Clarice Clarene, but she is referred to most often by her title of the Clarene. She is the god of order, luxury, and farmland. She shares dominion over sensuality and sexuality with the Dierne. She presides over the Otherfaith’s spiritual landscape, the West, with the Laetha.

She is the parent of the Laetha. One of her lovers is the Ophelia. She competes with the Dierne for devotees, lovers, and much more.

She appears as tall, dark, and handsome. She is sometimes naked, other times lavishly dressed. She is also crowned with horns, typically those of a ram. Notably, she wears prosthetic legs or uses a wheelchair. Her energy is commanding and direct.

Animals connected to her include lions, griffins, and foxes.

Her colors are black and gold. She also favors green. Her Order, Vivant, emphasizes leadership, fitness, and agriculture. They are the ‘diligent Order’.

For the People, the Clarene represents commitment.

Function & Applicability

the Clarene is best understood as a Protector, defending and sheltering the People. She also acts as a Comforter, providing safe space for us to be vulnerable. She relates to the spirits as a provider and authority.

She has dominion over harvest and slaughter. The People turn to her for knowledge regarding our food and sustenance, physical and spiritual. She is also tied to the household and domestic pursuits.

the Clarene guides us in commitment and order. She is the supreme progenitor god of the Otherfaith. Creating both cities and farmland, she is tied to urban and rural spaces. Likewise, she can be connected to skyscrapers and mountains.

She is good to call on during dedication rituals, as she is the People’s committed and sure-footed god. Her presence during ritual or prayer is stabilizing and joyful. She can bring financial and domestic blessings. We can petition her for aid in those areas as well.

Order, Court, & House

the Clarene’s Order is Vivant. Joining a god’s order is done by spirits and humans as a way to devote themselves more fully to a god. Vivant cultivates governance and practicality as part of their devotion. They are known for their sharp intellect and swift action.

Courts are those spirits that serve the god more directly than the Order. the Clarene’s Court is Black Court. They reside in the Black Mansion, on the edge of the West’s City and Orchard. Their leader is the spirit Moira. They are most active during fall and winter. They are active during the early morning and day. As the Clarene can be petitioned for dedication and financial concerns, so can their Court.

Not all spirits which join a god’s Order go on to join their Court. This can be understood as a spirit having ‘gone through’ Courtly education but not pursuing a Courtly ‘job’.

House Hale is the Clarene’s family. Gods ‘adopt’ spirits into their House, providing protection and stability. House Hale is populated by confident spirits with a tendency toward child rearing. Hale is run by the spirit Dahlia.

A spirit may be from one order or Court, like the Clarene’s, yet be part of another god’s House. Orders/Courts are not equal to Houses.

Prayers & Offerings

The simplest prayer you can make is, ‘Clarene, to you I pray.’ You may begin any prayer to the gods by calling their name. You may also insert the god’s name into prayer you already use. Plain speaking, as if to another person, is also an acceptable prayer. Specifying which god you wish to speak with is recommended. If you desire to speak to all of the Other People’s gods, you may begin your prayers with, ‘Four Gods, to you I pray’.

Praying to the gods – whether a short prayer or plain spoken prayers – is most effective when done consistently. Aim for once a week.

You may also give offerings to the gods. These offerings may be placed on an altar or shrine or whatever space you have available. Tea, water, and incense are good basic offerings for all the gods.

English Breakfast tea is a good option for the Clarene.

Rather than giving the entirety of a drink or meal, you can set aside a small portion of food/drink and consume the rest. Liquid offerings may be poured down the drain; solid or food offerings may be discarded in the trash.

It tends to feel most ‘natural’ to set out offerings on a plate, bowl, or cup and say a prayer to the god(s) you are giving the objects to. Once you have finished your prayer you can discard the objects or, if you have the space, leave non-food objects where they are.

Good offerings for the Clarene include bread, honey, milk, fresh herbs and flowers, and scotch.

Offerings are not required for basic Otherfaith worship. Prayer may be said aloud or silently. Factor in your housing situation and own ability when deciding how to pray and what to offer.