If you are confused as to certain terms or want more bite-sized chunks of information, our FAQs are where to go. There is some crossover within our FAQs, so you will see repeated questions. Each icon for our FAQs corresponds to the type of question.

  Keywords or terminology. These are all found under ‘Common Terms’.

  Useful and basic information about the Otherfaith. Most of this is found in ‘General Otherfaith’.

  Any information about practicing the Otherfaith has this icon. These are mainly found in ‘Otherfaith Practices’.

  Questions concerning the Other People and community have this icon attached to them.

  Any audio resource has this icon.

  Questions concerning this website and the blog can be found with this icon.

If you have a question you think makes a good addition to our FAQs, submit it by emailing aine@otherfaith.info.