Otherfaith Practices


Other People are allowed to participate in any other religious groups they wish to. They are not required to limit themselves to only the Otherfaith. The only member of the Otherfaith that must focus on the Otherfaith before other religions (not to the exclusion of) is the spokesperson, currently Aine Llewellyn.


The Other People are not restricted to worshiping the Four+ Gods alone.


An Other Person may choose which gods they wish to interact with in their own private practices. Knowing the gods' relationships with each other is often important to understanding individual deities better, but a practitioner does not need to engage with each god.

You can join the Otherfaith by participating in story writing or creating content about the Otherfaith - such as blogging about your practices, your thoughts on the gods and such - or by worshiping the gods and spirits. Participation in the Otherfaith is the largest component to being part of the religion in a communal sense. The Four+ Gods may also be incorporated into an existing religious practice that you are already part of. Participation in the Otherfaith community requires only that one behave respectfully toward others in the community.

There are currently no dedication or initiation ceremonies for those wishing to join the Otherfaith.

Not currently. There will be one in the future.
The simplest offering in the Otherfaith is light and water. The light can be a candle, whether flame or LED, or the light of the sun. Water may be poured into a small container or onto the ground depending on where the offering is given.

A good offering when beginning your practice is to lay out bread, honey, and cream or milk. Set this out, untouched, for a half hour to an hour, and then discard the food into the proper disposal.

You can participate through worship, writing stories and fanfiction, and contributing to community projects.

Private worship is a form of participation in the Otherfaith, and an Other Person should not feel obligated to share their religious lives with the community. Individual impressions of the gods and responses to religious practices help develop the Other People's understanding of the holy ones, though, and the open sharing of a Person's experiences is what advances the Otherfaith.

Writing stories/fanfiction, as well as analyses or breakdowns of existing stories, is another way to get involved in the Otherfaith. Our stories are published on Archive of Our Own under the 'Otherfaith Religion & Lore' tag. Analyses of stories can be posted on a blog - either your own or through an Otherfaith Wikia account - or submitted to the blog hosted here.

Community projects vary by month and availability. There are none currently running.